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Parent Groups


The Kim Hung School Council is made up of a group of parents who work together with the school to support and enhance student learning. The School Council supports meaningful parental involvement in decisions that affect the school by giving advice and support to the principal. The Kim Hung Parent Association is a fundraising group that works closely with the School Council.

Parent meeting for the establishment of a Kim Hung School Council

The school council at Kim Hung School will work alongside school staff to promote the well-being and overall effectiveness of our school community.

All parents are invited to attend our establishment meeting.

Date:        September 26, 2017

Time:        6:00-9:00 PM

Location:   Michael Phair School Learning Commons

Purpose:   Establishing the Kim Hung School Council


General Information:

  • At this meeting, the Alberta School Councils' Association (ASCA) will be giving an introductory workshop (approx. 90 minutes) which will review the purpose and scope of the School Council.
  • Following the workshop, the actual Establishment Meeting will occur.  The ASCA Instructor will be appointed as the Chair of the Establishment Meeting (by the Principal, as required by legislation) and move into the required steps for the Establishment.
  • Depending on discussions and decisions of parents participating, the Establishment Meeting should take 60-90 minutes.

We look forward to meeting you and establishing our School Council.